Five Things

Photo via  The Food Network

1.  Redwood City received a prestigious award for sustainability best practices. The city garnered recognition for its greenhouse gas emission reductions, its energy saving strategies, and its policies and programs to create a more sustainable community.

2.  Dill pickles are just the beginning. Join Kelly McVicker, founder of McVicker Pickles, for a pickling workshop and dive into the history of food preservation before getting hands-on with seasonal veggies to pickle your own jar. Sign up for the intro to pickling class on October 3 here.

3.  Redwood City is the only deep water port in the bay south of San Francisco. Celebrate the waterfront at the Redwood City Portfest this weekend. There will be boat rides, live music, food trucks, and arts & crafts. It’s happening October 3 from 9am to 4pm at the Port of Redwood City Marina.

4.  A list has been making the rounds on Facebook of the ten snobbiest cities in California. Guess which city is not on it? Redwood City. And we’re actually kind of proud of that. (Our neighbor Palo Alto is number two and San Carlos came in at number seven.)

5.  Just in case you missed the blood moon eclipse you can see it here or here or check out this timelapse. Three astronomical events collided: a full moon, a blood moon, and an eclipse. It was pretty special and won’t happen again until 2033.