Eight Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Whether or not you are planning to sell your home, a fresh and welcoming exterior can help make the most of it. Use these simple tips and tricks to freshen up front doors, landscaping, and paint. 

Swap out house numbers
Choose numbers that match the style of your home for the most impact—like these Neutra House Numbers for a modern house or hand painted tiles for a cottage.

Paint the front door
Roll some paint on the front door for an instant refresh. Pick a color that will compliment the style and color palette of your home, as well as give it a little contrast. We love dark red and black as new classics, or green for a modern pop of color.

Replace Your Lawn with Native Plants and Flowers
If you've let your lawn go to save water over the summer, now is a great time to plant drought-tolerant plants and flowers. Your front yard will look nice and lush, and will stand out on the block. 

Fix or Build a Fence
If your fence is looking a little dull, make repairs or stain the wood for a quick pick-me-up. Adding a low fence in your front yard can also help. It creates a little more private space and will make the yard look bigger.

Update or Add Lighting
Consider replacing outdated porch lights and sconces with a modern pendant light. You can also easily add lighting to a pathway with solar stake lights

Clean the Gutters
Repair and clean out the gutters. Nothing says poor maintenance like having a roof and gutters full of leaves and debris. 

Paint the Trim
If you don't want to paint the entire exterior, or you're on a budget, painting just the trim can give a whole new life to the exterior of a home. Choose a paint color that compliments your home's color. White is usually a safe choice and gives things a crisp feeling. 

Wash the Exterior
Just like your car, your house will take on a shine and sparkle with a good rinse. Washing the exterior can instantly refresh the look of old paint and windows.