Five Things

1. The Redwood City campus of Stanford University is scheduled to open in 2019. Approved plans will provide office space for more than 2,300 employees and will be the university's first significant expansion beyond the main campus. 

2.  The levee around Bair Island in Redwood City was breached to restore tidal wetlands of San Francisco Bay on Thursday. The project was 14 years in the making. The restoration will increase habitat for the California clapper rail, California least turn, salt marsh harvest mouse and other endangered and threatened species. Watch the video online

3. The new Box building officially opened their parking lot last week. The Crossing 900 parking garage is said to add 900 new parking spaces downtown. The garage will be open for public use on evenings after 5pm and weekends. Check out this nifty guide for parking downtown

4. Our Facebook feed was full of folks talking about the thunder and lightning on Thursday night. With that in mind, Redwood City urges the community to be storm ready for winter.

5. Congratulations to Jerrica Castagno for winning the $100 gift card to Vesta! Thank you to everyone who entered!