How to Maximize Small Living Spaces

We're no strangers to living in a small space. Our first house was about 850 sq. feet. with one bedroom, one bathroom, and one teeny tiny closet. With a premium on square footage these days, many are making do with cozy living quarters. Here are a few tips to help maximize your space, room by room.

Living Room: In the living room, try to find multi-functional furniture. An ottoman can double as storage if it opens, or as a coffee table with the addition of a tray. If you like to have guests, look for a sleeper sofa or a futon that you can easily open to host friends for a weekend.

Dining Room: A round table can make a room feel a little bigger, and when it’s time to have a dinner party, you might be amazed by how many chairs you can fit around the table. Tables with a glass top also help make a room appear bigger.

Kitchen: Opt for open shelves rather than cabinets for a modern, airy feel. Hang pots and pans on a rack above an island or the stove. It also helps to have dishes and glasses that stack nicely. Every inch of storage counts!

Bedroom: If you’re short on closet space, look for a bed with storage underneath. Keep your closet organized and clean, and rotate the clothes you keep easily accessible by the season. If you don’t have enough space for a bed and nightstands, think about hanging a wall shelf for essentials like glasses and an alarm clock and hang a wall sconce for your lamp.

Bathroom: Having a medicine cabinet recessed into the wall, can help a lot if you don’t have a lot of space in the bathroom. For additional storage, use decorative baskets to hold things like your hair dryer and toiletries.

In general, opt for light colors when it comes to paint, window coverings, and floors. If you can go for a vaulted ceiling to give the room more breathing room. Natural light can also make a world of difference, so look for possibilities when it comes to windows and skylights. If you can expand, think about enclosing a porch or patio.

Photos (clockwise from top left) // Menchant Design // Design Sponge // Amber Interior Design // Tumblr