The Art of Warm Minimalism

Photos from  Luft Design

Photos from Luft Design

Warm and minimalism may not seem like two things that go together, but these two styles can complement each other really beautifully. Think modern, thoughtfully edited spaces that feel cozy and lived in. We recently came across San Francisco based Luft Design and love their aesthetic. Here are a few tips for creating a warm minimal space like theirs. 

Instead of super modern sharp angles and sleek shapes, go with something more organic. Think of where you can add curves, rounded shapes, and softer lines that are a little more freeform.

Natural materials can instantly soften a space. Use raw wood, linens, leather, stone, and live plants when decorating. Natural elements tend to go together and can help bring a space together. 

To keep things from being too stark and clean, bring in some texture. Use a chunky throw, a shaggy rug, or decorative pieces like a geode or textured centerpiece to create depth and add warmth. 

Don't be afraid to mix things up! A space in all contemporary or all mid-century modern furniture can feel stodgy. If your furniture is minimal and modern add some contrast with an antique frame or mirror. Or if you're a fan of flea market finds and antiques, throw in a more modern light fixture or piece of artwork.