Discover Your Decor Style With These Four Quizzes

Defining your decorating style isn't always easy, so today we're sharing a few fun quizzes to help you do just that! Whether you gravitate towards antique kitsch or minimal modern, these quizzes can help give you a better understanding of your personal style and how it relates to your home. 

  1. Start your search with this quiz from My Domaine to help you narrow your personal decor style down to a T and even set you off to shop for the right pieces. This quiz takes everything into consideration from what you order for breakfast to fashion and we found it to be really accurate. (Also, check out What's your Spirit Pattern and What Country Matches Your Decor Style for even more insight and inspiration!)
  2. Take HomePolish's Style Quiz to discover more about your style and get tips from interior design pros on how to start implementing it in your space. 
  3. Pick five photos to discover your stylescope with this quiz from HomeGoods.
  4. Whether you’re boho, traditional or somewhere in between, this Style Finder Quiz from Lonny will help you define your design scheme and bring it home.

PS. Okay, that's actually six instead of four quizzes, but who is really counting? They are so fun and addicting! For more decor inspiration check out Our Favorite Design Trends for 2016 and The Art of Warm Minimalism.

Let us know what your decor style is in the comments below!