A New Look, A New Website


Over the past few weeks, Natalie and I have been busy behind the scenes working on branding materials for my real estate business over at Dwell Realtors. We’re excited to share my new website with you all!

On the site, you’ll find featured listings, both in and around Redwood City and a home search where you can find your next home by location or desired features like natural light. You can sign up for my newsletter, where I’ll be sharing upcoming listings, open houses, and exclusive market updates. We'll still be sharing real estate and community stories related to Redwood City right here on The Front Porch.

I’ve also made it easy for us to connect about buying or selling a home. You can schedule a consultation with me online, or you can always shoot me an email or give me a call at (650) 704-8883. I would love to grab coffee and learn more about your real estate needs.

So head on over to the new site and make yourself at home. Looking forward to connecting with you there!