Construction Update: Pouring a New Foundation

Natalie Whearley

Natalie Whearley

We’re about halfway through replacing our house’s foundation. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a noisy, dusty project, but we’re starting to see some progress and are excited about next steps for our remodel.

The crew started by putting the house on jacks and removing part of the existing perimeter foundation. Then, they built forms and poured new concrete. They have also been leveling the house as they go through the process and adding footings for additional support for the second story. It’s been interesting to see some of our window and door frames straighter than they’ve ever been!


The next steps are to widen and replace the driveway, add drainage, and pour the concrete slab in our garage. We’ll also be refinishing the stucco on the exterior of the house and cleaning up the yard (although much of our landscaping is now gone.) Stay tuned for more updates on the foundation and our addition plans!