Three Hot Neighborhoods in Redwood City

Demand for single family homes in Redwood City has been growing over the years and we don't think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Redwood City is right in the heart of Silicon Valley and is still, comparatively, an affordable place to buy a home. So whether you're thinking of moving down to the Peninsula to start a family or just want to live in a city that's close to work, Redwood City might be the spot for you.

Location & Commute

Redwood City is truly in the heart of the Bay and Silicon Valley. It's 20+/- miles to San Francisco or San Jose. And if you're not familiar with the area it's also just within a few hours drive to many California attractions like Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, or Yosemite.

Redwood City is a great location for couples, where one works in San Francisco and one in the South Bay  — it's a compromise where both may have a short commute, but neither will have a 40+ mile commute. There are also a growing number of job opportunities in Redwood City and San Mateo, which would cut commute time significantly. Also, if there is an employment change in the future, the odds are you might end up working in SF or the South Bay, so you're at a safe distance from both. 


Prices in Redwood City have risen is past years, but it is still less expensive than Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and San Carlos. For example, take the average sale price in each area in 2018.

  • Palo Alto- $3,280,067

  • Menlo Park- $2,607,243

  • San Carlos - $1,934,360

  • Redwood City- $1,715,622

On average, Palo Alto is nearly twice as much as Redwood City, Menlo Park is roughly 50% more, and San Carlos is close to 20% more.

Hot Neighborhoods

Mount Carmel is on the north central part of Redwood City bordering San Carlos and feels a little like Palo Alto with it's charming and historic homes on sprawling level manicured lots. It’s home to Northstar Academy, which is Redwood City's highest ranking school. On Hopkins between Lowell and King Street, you'll find Stafford Park (1.62 acres) which has a huge grassy area for picnics and kids to play and is home to Music in the Park on Wednesday nights in the summer. Mount Carmel is also very close to downtown and is a 10-20 minute walk, depending on where you live.

Farm Hill is on the west side of Redwood City bordering Emerald Hills and is home to sought after school Roy Cloud Elementary. Here you'll find larger homes on larger lots, for what’s typical of Redwood City. This is also a good place to look if you’re after a home with a view. With it's location very close to 280, it's an easy commute to SF or the South Bay. Stulsaft Park and Edgewood Park are also nearby for hiking and outdoor fun.

Woodside Plaza is on the south central part of Redwood City bordering Woodside Road and is home to Henry Ford Elementary. Homes in this area are mostly single story homes built in the 1950s on above-average-sized lots. It's a very family-friendly neighborhood with tree-lined streets and flat areas to walk. Close to shops and restaurants on Woodside Road and in Woodside Plaza shopping center, including the Redwood Grill, a local favorite.

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