Five Things for the Weekend

The County of San Mateo is launching a pilot program to encourage residents and employees in the area to carpool during peak travel periods. The Carpool in San Mateo County program offers drivers and riders a $2 incentive per person for each trip during peak commute times. Rides can be booked through Scoop, a carpool app.

A developer is proposing to build 338 residential units and a 100,000 square-foot fitness center along a section of Redwood City’s waterfront where the Century Park 12 theaters once operated. On Tuesday night the Planning Commission held a session to receive input and provide comments on the scope of the project and the environmental review that must be conducted. Comments can be added to the review through August 21. Residents have cited traffic as a major concern.

Speaking of traffic, street parking downtown is getting harder to find these days with active construction projects  and the increased popularity of visiting downtown Redwood City. If you’re looking for a parking spot, here are some helpful resources: digital signs posted outside of garages with the number of available spots, this map of downtown parking, or an app with live updated info on available spaces.

Dwell Realtors are happy sponsors of the family category for 2017 Redwood City movies on the square. Come by and say hi before the movie begins at sundown! This Thursday, August 10, Finding Dory is showing at Courthouse Square at 8:30pm.

Check out this weekend’s open houses, like this home in Emerald Hills. Or Cliff has a beautiful new listing open this weekend on Devonshire in San Carlos, if you’d like to stop by and say hello!